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Protocol Guidelines

7.5 Replacement of a motor vehicle under privilege

Where a diplomatic or consular officer has been in possession of a vehicle purchased under privilege for three or more years, they may seek approval from Protocol Branch to replace the vehicle with another vehicle purchased under privilege. The application must be made before the vehicle is sold and accompanied by a statement from the head of mission or post that the officer is expected to remain in Australia for at least a further 18 months. This facility is not available to administrative and technical staff or consular employees.

Where a vehicle purchased under privilege has been stolen, damaged beyond repair or returned as defective, concessional disposal (see section 7.9) may be approved. In such a case, any residual duty and/or GST and LCT (where applicable) must be paid before the purchase of a replacement vehicle under privilege will be approved.

Last Updated: 8 November 2017
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