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Protocol Guidelines

15.7 Accompanying media - equipment

The temporary importation of media equipment into Australia by media personnel accompanying a senior foreign visitor can be facilitated under section 162A of the Customs Act 1901.

To avoid delays on arrival, one of the following three options should be followed:

Option 1 (Carnet)

Goods that qualify as temporary importations, such as professional equipment, may be imported under an Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) carnet. A security is lodged with a carnet issuing body (usually a Chamber of Commerce) in the country of origin. The security is either cash or a bank guarantee and is refunded to the applicant when the goods are re-imported into the country of origin.

This option also requires the lodgement of an Import Declaration.

Option 2 (Without a carnet)

Goods that qualify can be imported on a temporary basis. A security, either cash or a bank guarantee, or an undertaking is lodged with the Australia Border Force (ABF) at the time of importation. The goods must be specified in a convention (intergovernmental agreement) to which Australia is a signatory. There are two conventions that may apply to media equipment imported for the use of media personnel during a visit:

  • Convention of Temporary Admission (Istanbul Convention), which covers goods imported for use in meetings, events or exhibitions
  • Customs Convention on Temporary Importation of Professional Equipment.

To apply for entry under one of the conventions outlined above requires the completion of a B46AA Application for Permission to Take Delivery of Goods Upon Giving a Security or Undertaking for the Payment of Duty, GST and LCT form and a 1484 Undertaking to the Department of Home Affairs – Section 162A Goods formby each of the importer/owner of the goods.

This option also requires the lodgement of an Import Declaration.

Option 3 (Collective undertaking without a carnet)

To facilitate the entry of media equipment arriving as part of the contingent, the ABF will accept a single B46AA application and a single 1484 Undertaking to cover the group's collective equipment rather than taking individual applications. A collective undertaking can only be made if the goods are all being imported and exported on the same flights. Where goods are imported on different flights or will be exported on different flights, either Options 1 or 2 must be followed.

The applicant/undertaking provider must be a person of authority representing the dignitary and be prepared to take full responsibility for the payment of duty and taxes should any of the equipment fail to be exported.

The B46AA application must contain an itemised list of all the media equipment covered by the application and the following details:

  • full description of the goods
  • brand and serial numbers (where possible)
  • owner details
  • value of the goods/equipment.

The ABF reserves the right to request individual applications should a collective undertaking not be acceptable.

Last Updated: 31 January 2018
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