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Protocol Guidelines

13.1 Possession of firearms by missions, posts and staff

Australia prohibits the possession, carriage and use of firearms by members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps and by other staff members of the missions and posts (including guards). This applies to all persons and premises with or without diplomatic or consular immunity.

There are no circumstances in which a mission or post would require firearms for its own protection. DFAT will ensure that appropriate protection is provided (see chapter 12). Missions and posts are invited to discuss with Protocol Branch any concerns they may have regarding protection. Where missions or posts wish to seek professional advice on supplementary protection (for example, private security services), DFAT will facilitate this.

A special exception to this policy may be allowed for individuals to possess, under prescribed conditions, non-prohibited types of firearms for bona fide sporting purposes only (see section 13.3).

13.1.2 Carriage of firearms by foreign security personnel

The carriage of firearms by foreign security personnel in the context of State or official visits is addressed in chapter 15.6. As a general rule, foreign security personnel accompanying visiting dignitaries will not be permitted to carry firearms or other weapons or items – such as electric batons, tasers and ballistic vests – in Australia.

Last Updated: 13 February 2019
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