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Women and the economy in Myanmar: An assessment of DFAT’s private sector development programs

Summary of publication

In Myanmar, DFAT has invested in two, complementary private sector development initiatives, namely:

  • Investment Climate and Competitiveness Program (ICCP) – World Bank Group (DFAT funding up to $20 million, 2015-20); and
  • Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) implemented by the Asian Development Bank (DFAT has funded $10.5 million, 2015-18).

With both programs at a formative stage of implementation, DFAT commissioned a joint program gender assessment to highlight issues and recommend strategies for promoting positive outcomes for women within each program.

A particular focus of the assessment was to bring to light the interests, opportunities and constraints currently faced by women in the economy - whether as enterprise owners, executives or waged workers. This was so that the programs had a better basis for ensuring that their influence on economic reforms and growth in Myanmar benefit women.

The gender assessment was undertaken with the support of both the WBG and ADB programs, and with the participation of the Yangon and Bangkok offices of DFAT.

Full publication

Women and the economy in Myanmar: An assessment of DFAT's private sector development programs [PDF 2.5 MB]

Last Updated: 15 June 2016
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