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Vietnam Aus4Skills fact sheet


Vietnam has achieved significant improvements in access to and
quality of primary and secondary education in recent years. Yet the
labour force is regarded as low-skilled and falling behind the regional
curve. The quality and relevance of teaching and research at both
universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training
(TVET) institutions needs to be upgraded to help graduates translate
knowledge and skills into more effective practice in the workplace.
Additionally, ethnic minorities and people with disability are
under-represented in both the tertiary education and employment
sectors, and women continue to be less likely to have a post graduate
education or hold a decision-making position in government.

Vietnam needs a knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce to sustain
economic growth. To achieve this Australia will support Vietnam by
investing in professional and technical knowledge and skills, and assist
workplaces to make good use of those enhanced skills.

Expected Results

  • Workplaces better utilise the skills of staff as a result of advisory
    support in topics such as good human resource practices, skills
    audits, competency frameworks, mentoring and knowledge transfer.
  • Graduates from Vietnamese TVET institutions have the skills to
    better serve the labour market needs of Vietnam and the region
    as a result of improved, targeted sub-programs and innovative
    partnerships with the private sector and government.
  • Two regional universities in the mountainous north-west have
    improved leadership and management, strengthened curriculum
    and more effective support for academic success of ethnic
    minority students.
  • More Vietnamese receive a high quality post-graduate qualification
    through Australia Awards Scholarships to study in Australia.
  • Australia and Vietnam develop stronger and sustainable
    partnerships between individuals and organisations.
  • Increased opportunities for women to provide formal input to
    organisational decision making and more women will be promoted
    to leadership positions.

Last Updated: 13 August 2018
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