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Vanuatu Women's Centre Program Design Document 2016-2021

Summary of publication

This Program Design Document (PDD) describes an ongoing program that has been funded by the Australian Government aid program. The design encompasses all areas of VWC's national program including the activities of the VWC national network described above.

VWC's program goal is the elimination of violence against women and children throughout Vanuatu. The over-arching program outcome needed to achieve this is effective prevention and response to violence against women and children. There are 5 end-of-program outcomes:

  • Survivors are empowered to claim their rights and access justice
  • Women, children and community members throughout Vanuatu are accessing effective services on violence against women and children
  • Increased community acceptance that violence against women and children is a violation of human rights
  • Government policy-makers, legislators and targeted organisations and male advocates reduce discrimination and promote gender equality
  • VWC and Branch staff are effectively managing and coordinating the VWC Network's prevention and response services

This is a partner-led design that has been based on a thorough participatory review by VWC staff. Taking into account financial limitations, there are very few new design features, and some activities have been reduced compared with earlier phases in order to keep to the core budget limit identified by Australian aid. One new design feature is the establishment of EVAW taskforces by VWC and the Branches at national and provincial level, in recognition of the importance of VWC's collaboration with all key stakeholders to achieve its aims.

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Last Updated: 6 March 2017
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