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Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) Mid-term Evaluation 2016

Summary of publication

The Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) is an initiative that builds resilience to drought and related risks in pastoralist, agro-pastoralist and peri-urban households and communities in Somalia. Australia is one of seven donors to the program, which is implemented by a consortium of international NGOs led by World Vision. This Mid-term Evaluation was conducted in 2015 by the SomReP consortium as part of its monitoring and evaluation plan for the program. It is a midline evaluation for Phase One (2013-2015) aimed at reviewing progress and assessing early progress toward targets. The report was written by SomReP in collaboration with Tufts University, Cornell University and Forcier Consulting. It draws on qualitative and quantitative data generated by studies conducted by these organisations.

Full publication

Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP) Mid-term Evaluation 2016 [PDF 3 MB]

Last Updated: 5 September 2016
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