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RedR Australia Mid Term Review Report 2012


This Report is from an independent mid-term review that is required under the Partnership Agreement between RedR Australia and AusAID.


Under the Partnership Agreement between AusAID and RedR Australia a mid-term review is to be carried out to determine its value and impact and inform a possible next phase of the Partnership. The objectives of the mid-term review are to:

  • Review the Partnership and activities undertaken in accordance with the Partnership Agreement in relation to RedR Australia training and deployment of personnel. The review is to include administrative, management and monitoring processes and the extent to which objectives, results and impacts are being achieved.
  • Identify lessons learned (both operational and activity related).
  • Propose enhancements in the RedR Australia/AusAID relationship and objectives, including possibilities for the Partnership after 30 June 2013.

RedR Australia Mid Term Review Report 2012 (PDF 2.18mb)

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Last Updated: 3 April 2013
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