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Papua New Guinea Maternal and Child Health Initiative Phase II: Final report

Summary of publication

The Maternal and Child Health Initiative (MCHI) was a multi-stakeholder initiative, funded by the Australian Government, led by the PNG National Department of Health (NDoH) and supported by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Development at the University of Technology Sydney and the PNG Health and HIV Implementation Services Provider (HHISP).

The MCHI brought together different stakeholders working to build capacity and improve maternal health outcomes in PNG, specifically national midwifery educators, obstetricians, course coordinators, clinicians and CMFs.

Ten clinical midwifery facilitators were placed in the five midwifery schools, with one clinical midwifery educator located at Port Moresby General Hospital. These roles were designed to support PNG clinical midwifery educators and clinicians. Two obstetricians were placed in two regional hospitals to provide clinical care and teaching.

Full publication

MCHI Phase II Final report [PDF 1.3 MB]

Last Updated: 28 June 2017
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