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Papua New Guinea Economic and Public Sector Program (EPSP): Completion Report

Summary of publication

The EPSP Completion Report describes the activities and outcomes under the program from June 2010 to June 2016. EPSP's objective was to contribute to capacity development and improved services from PNG central government agencies, and throughout its six-years the program adapted to the changing requirements of Australia's development assistance to PNG and Government of PNG priorities. It was refocused on delivering whole-of-government initiatives until its completion in June 2016.

The report is framed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee indicators of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability and lessons learned. Links to the program's detailed quarterly (2010–2014) and six-monthly (2014–2015) reports, agency report cards, research and evaluation reports and other key documents are at in Annex 1. The report also includes the EPSP results framework (Annex 2), case studies (Annex 3) and videos and transcripts (in-text and Annex 4) to give voice to the program's ultimate beneficiaries: the men, women and children of PNG.

Full publication

Last Updated: 24 February 2017
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