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Papua New Guinea Direct Financing Support Mechanism Review

Summary of publication

The Direct Financing Support (DFS) mechanism was one of three modalities designed under the Australian Support for Basic and Secondary Education in Papua New Guinea Delivery Strategy 2010 – 2015. The DFS aimed to improve core components of PNG's education system, specifically in regard to access, retention, quality, equity and educational management. At the same time, it supported principles of donor harmonisation by seeking to work through and strengthen GoPNG public financial management systems.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned this review to evaluate the performance of the DFS modality in terms of its intended strategic goals and objectives. The focus of the review was to understand how the DFS mechanism operated in terms of its relevance, efficiency and effectiveness. The review documents key lessons learnt from the implementation of this modality and tests the underlying assumption that the DFS strengthened government public financial management and accountability. The review does not assess the impact of education investments supported under the DFS.

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Last Updated: 24 December 2018
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