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Making Land Work


Making land work, produced as part of AusAID's Pacific Land Program, has two volumes.


Making Land Work cover

Making land work, produced as part of AusAID's Pacific Land Program, has two volumes.

Volume one, Reconciling customary land and development in the Pacific, is an overview of the main issues that Pacific island countries, Papua New Guinea and East Timor - referred to broadly as the Pacific region - are likely to face if they choose to reform their land policies and institutions to promote social and economic development.

Volume two, Case studies on customary land and development in the Pacific, is a collection of 16 studies that look at problems and innovative practices in land tenure and administration across the Pacific region.

AusAID recognises that land policy reform is something that must be driven by Pacific governments and communities, not by donors. For this reason, Making land work does not seek to advocate any particular policy options or models. Nor does it necessarily reflect AusAID or Australian government policy. It has been published as an information resource for countries undertaking land policy reform. It draws lessons from international experience, canvasses broad principles and approaches, and seeks to stimulate ideas on policy options.

Making Land Work is available in two volumes as below. Volume two is also available as separate case studies.

Volumes One and Two:

Volume Two Case Studies:

Pacific Land Conference, Vanuatu (12-13 June 2008)

Making Land Work was officially launched by the Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance the Hon Bob McMullan MP on 12 June 2008 at the Pacific Land conference in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

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