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MAHKOTA Evaluation Strategy

Summary of publication

MAHKOTA (Towards a Strong and Prosperous Indonesian Society) is an Australian Government-funded program supporting the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to improve its social protection system. A key feature of MAHKOTA is that support to GoI is primarily provided through the Secretariat of the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K-S). With support from MAHKOTA, TNP2K-S functions as a think tank to inform and influence social protection policies and programs. MAHKOTA also supports other parts of GoI, including the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Papua Provincial Government.

The purpose of this evaluation strategy is to assist program stakeholders identify and prioritise program information needs and how these needs can be met through well-timed and properly resourced evaluations.

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Last Updated: 28 October 2019
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