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Kastom Gaden Association of Solomon Islands: Mid-term Review (October 2012)

Summary of publication

Kastom Gaden Association is an NGO with a focus on family food security and rural livelihood development. Program activities including bulking and sharing of best varietyes of seeds and planting materials, domestic livestock husbandry, food processing, organic famring methods/techniques, pest and disease management and advocacy.

The purpose of this mid-term review was to assess the progress over the last year against the recommendations in a design review document. The review team mainly looked at achiements and changes under each of the following:

  • assess implementation fo the program
  • assess relationships of the KGA with relevant stakeholders
  • assess the finance and human resources management.

Full publication

Kastom Gaden Association of Solomon Islands–Mid-term Revew 22-30 October 2012 [PDF 5.4 MB]

Last Updated: 20 November 2013
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