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Indonesia Promoting Rural Incomes through Strengthening Markets in Agriculture (PRISMA): Summary Design

Summary of publication

This document contains information about the program design, including program objective, strategy, approach to market development, delivery modalities, preparatory activities, governance arrangements, management arrangements, and reporting and results measurement.

The program's strategy is to address the systemic growth constraints in rural agricultural sectors that are most relevant to small farmers the districts in which the Program operates. The program takes a market-led approach of working with on- and off-farm market stakeholders (public and private sector) to stimulate both increased access to and the sustained delivery of public and private inputs and services that are likely to increase the incomes of poor farmers.

The program's goal is a 30% increase in incomes for 300,000 male and female smallholder farmers by June 2017.

Full publication

Summary Design [PDF 1.1 MB] [DOCX 550KB]

Last Updated: 11 July 2017
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