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Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children (INOVASI): Design Document

Summary of publication

This Design Document describes the context and implementation arrangements for the INOVASI program that commenced in 2016. INOVASI is planned as an eight-year initiative, in two four-year phases. The program will work with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to support innovation and improve learning outcomes in Indonesia's basic education sector. INOVASI is designed to be transformational by investigating what works and what doesn't work to get teachers teaching better and students learning more, and why, in order to leverage Indonesia's substantial spend in education. INOVASI will provide decision makers in Indonesia with evidence to make informed choices about education policies, regulations and resource allocations that can increase learning outcomes in Indonesia.

INOVASI will investigate means to better ensure equality of learning outcomes within and across schools, including private schools. It will pay particular attention to identifying and addressing classroom practices that disadvantage particular groups (girls, boys, children with disabilities and from poorer economic backgrounds, for example).

INOVASI will collaborate closely with GOI (district, provincial and national) to develop and implement action-oriented research and pilots to answer the question: "What works to improve student learning outcomes in Indonesia?" All research and pilot activities will be embedded within an overall learning strategy that has tight feedback loops to ensure that evidence coming from INOVASI activities is useful and timely for partners.

To ensure that INOVASI is flexible and is able to respond to the local context and problems identified by local stakeholders, the design does not define the activities in full. Activities will be developed through a work-planning process that is guided by a set of principles, which are outlined in the design.

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Last Updated: 20 April 2016
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