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Independent Review of Supply Side Organisations and Government Intermediaries: Think Pieces

Summary of publication

This synthesis is based on a series of think pieces commissioned and offered by researchers and practitioners working across five continents. It includes the following pieces:

  • GoranBuldioski–lessons from the Think Tank Fund in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union on core and institutional support for organisational development
  • Hans Gutbrod–lessons from Eastern Europe on the need for reliable data and the opportunity this presents for think tanks
  • Ajoy Datta–lessons from a long term organisational development project in Vietnam
  • Stephen Yeo–lessons from economic policy research institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa and the challenge to develop local policy research capacity
  • A Policy Analyst working in the Select Committee Office in the UK Parliament provides a discussion of the challenges faced by a public think tank working with and across all political parties in the UK.

The synthesis is structured in two main sections: a) context-related challenges; and b) some practical advice based on the think pieces that an effort such as the Knowledge Sector Initiative could take into account.

Full publication

Last Updated: 28 January 2014
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