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Vanuatu Roads for Development Program - Independent Evaluation Final Report and Management Response

Summary of publication

The Independent Evaluation of the Roads for Development (R4D) Program Final Report concluded that Australia should continue supporting Vanuatu's rural road sub-sector. In particular, in designing a possible next round of rural sub‑sector support, Australia should continue to focus on two key elements. First, improving and maintaining rural access through narrowing R4D's focus, opening R4D's support to all Vanuatu Public Works Department Divisions (all provinces), and integrating PWD and R4D funds into one Works Program. Second, continuing to support the transition of PWD from a traditional works agency to a network manager.

DFAT is of the view that the evaluation provides a sound evidence base for the Australian and Vanuatu Governments to consider continuation of Australian development assistance to Vanuatu's rural roads sub-sector. The evaluation identifies important 'success factors' to carry through into a possible new round of roads sub‑sector support, and while suggested changes and enhancements are mostly underway already, the evaluation is a useful articulation of opportunities to improve what we are doing. DFAT agrees with most of its findings, conclusions and recommendations, and further detail is provided in the associated Management Response.

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Last Updated: 13 September 2017
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