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Vanuatu Governance for Growth: Mid-term Review Report

Summary of publication

A joint Government of Vanuatu and Government of Australia review of the ten-year Governance for Growth (GfG) program (commenced October 2007) to assess progress after four years, and recommend the direction for the next six years.

Highlights successes including expanded mobile telecommunications and flow-on benefits such as mobile banking, sound macroeconomic management by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, and sound public expenditure management (although quality of public spending, especially through line ministries, still needs to improve). It makes eight recommendations for the next phase, including: promote national discussion on the importance of economic growth; add formal and higher-level management meetings to already good informal communications; carefully design the next phase considering the Government of Vanuatu's priorities and ability to participate in future reforms (especially health and education ministries); ensure the right mix of work to benefit both rural and urban areas, possibly informed by research on migration and urbanisation in Vanuatu; encourage increased Government of Vanuatu discussion with the private sector to better understand what constrains economic growth in Vanuatu; and promote discussion among donors on economic and public financial management in Vanuatu.

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Last Updated: 24 September 2014
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