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DFAT Design and Monitoring and Evaluation Standards

The aim of these Standards is to improve the quality and use of Design and M&E products, and to integrate evaluative thinking into everyday work. The Standards were initially released as guidance in 2012, developed and evolved over time by evaluation capacity building programs operating in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The current Standards have been refreshed and the scope of the Standards now covers the whole program cycle.

These Standards should be integrated across the investment management cycle in DFAT concept notes, designs, implementation, review, and evaluation, and should also be embedded in DFAT contracts and contribution instruments. The Standards attempt to provide guidance on where flexibility is appropriate and how to handle flexibility, without compromising on rigour.

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The Standards presented in this series are:

  • Standard 1: Investment Concept Note (ICN)
  • Standard 2: Investment Design – Terms of Reference
  • Standard 3: Program Logic/Theory of Change
  • Standard 4: Investment Design
  • Standard 5: Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Plan and System
  • Standard 6: Program Progress Reports
  • Standard 7: DFAT Program Manager Monitoring
  • Standard 8: Independent Evaluation - Reference for Independent Evaluations
  • Standard 9: Independent Evaluation Plans
  • Standard 10: Independent Evaluation Reports
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