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DFAT monitoring and evaluation standards

These Standards were developed and evolved over time by Evaluation Capacity Building Programs operating in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Standards aim to improve the quality and use of M&E products, and to integrate evaluative thinking into everyday work. The Standards were integrated into DFAT's Department-wide evaluation guidance in 2012 and provide a strong tool for the articulation of DFAT's expectations of the quality expected from a range of M&E products. The Standards were subjected to a formal peer review in September 2012. They are updated annually each November in response to feedback from the full range of users.

The Standards presented in this series are:

  • Standard 1: Investment Design (required features for M&E)
  • Standard 2: Investment M&E Systems
  • Standard 3: Investment Progress Reporting
  • Standard 4: Terms of Reference for Independent Evaluations
  • Standard 5: Independent Evaluation Plan
  • Standard 6: Independent Evaluation Report
  • Standard 7: Monitoring Visits
Last Updated: 22 December 2016
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