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Teaching and learning quality in primary education: assessment and recommendations

Third Primary Education Development Program and Post-PEDP3 Planning Quality Study

Summary of publication

The Teaching and Learning Quality Study commissioned by DFAT gives an overall assessment of teaching and learning in the classroom and the formulation of recommendations for more effectively addressing quality issues in the next phase of the Bangladesh Government's Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDP3).The study is based on other studies conducted under PEDP3, monitoring reports, field visits, interviews and consultation meetings with key stakeholders. Major recommendations include the need for teaching and learning issues to be brought to the forefront of all decision making by establishing a teaching and learning unit within the Directorate of Primary Education of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME), the Government of Bangladesh; revisiting the Teacher Education and Development Plan (TED); clarifying responsibilities and strengthening institutional capacity of National Academy for Primary Education, Primary Training Institutes, and the Upazilla (local level) Resource Centres.

PEDP3 is due to end in June 2018 and this study is one of the five agreed studies by the Development Partner Consortium to help identify results and focus areas for PEDP4.

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Last Updated: 5 October 2017
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