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Bangladesh Annual Program Performance Report 2011

Summary of publication

This annual program performance report (APPR) summarises progress in Australia's aid program to Bangladesh in 2011. Bangladesh continued to make significant gains against poverty targets and social development indicators during the year despite deteriorating macro-fiscal conditions and governance challenges. Australia's aid program contributed to development progress by achieving results in child and maternal health, primary education, poverty reduction and disaster risk reduction.

Throughout 2011 DFAT redefined its approach and objectives to ensure alignment with Australia's aid policy, Effective Aid. This included positioning the program to maximise results from the increasing aid budget expected over the next five years. From 2012 Australia will support government-led programs in health, education and climate change, and is assisting the government to develop a National Social Protection Strategy. This will help to build program sustainability and complements continued assistance for development results delivered through strong civil society partners.

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Last Updated: 8 August 2012
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