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Australia-Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy 2011–2016

Summary of publication

This document:

  • describes Australian aid's strategic approach to engaging in the climate change sector in Vietnam for the period 2011 to 2016
  • sets the framework for a coherent portfolio of climate change assistance that is guided by the Government of Vietnam's climate change priorities and is focused on areas where Australia can best make a difference.

Under this delivery strategy, Australia will, in partnership with key development stakeholders, focus primarily on two strategic outcomes:

  1. Building community resilience–vulnerable communities demonstrate higher resilience and sustainable livelihoods to respond to climate change and climate-related disasters.
  2. Promoting low carbon growth–Vietnam harnesses opportunities for productive green growth through increased capacity in the application of clean technologies and low carbon measures in the energy sector.

Full publication

Last Updated: 14 August 2013
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