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Australia Indonesia Economic Cooperation Partnership (AIECO): Investment Design

Summary of publication

The 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper reaffirmed our relationship with Indonesia as being 'of first order importance,' and noted that 'Indonesia's success is of fundamental importance to Australia'. The new economic governance program in Indonesia (PROSPERA) brings together two existing programs – AIPEG and GPF – within a single program structure to improve coherence, create administrative and information efficiencies and promote greater collaboration. PROSPERA fosters more effective Indonesian economic institutions that contribute to strong, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and public sector performance through:

  1. Strengthened economic institutions
  2. A more transparent and accountable public sector; and
  3. Strengthened linkages between Indonesian and Australian government agencies

The funding split will be up to approximately $100 million over 5 years for the component of the program formerly known as AIPEG, for the engagement of technical advisers. $45 million will be provided to Australian Government agencies to implement capacity-building activities with Indonesian agencies.

Full publication

Australia Indonesia Economic Cooperation Partnership: Investment deisgn

Last Updated: 25 May 2018
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