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Australia and the origins of the Pacific Islands Forum

Author: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

ISBN: 1 876534 24 9


Australia and the origins of the Pacific Islands Forum presents
a lively history of the genesis of the Pacific Islands Forum, focusing
on Australia's involvement. Beginning in early 1970, Australia grappled
with the concept of a new international political forum in response to
the aspirations of the Pacific's emerging nations. The formation of the
forum was accompanied by a colourful international debate. There was agreement
on some issues, and disagreement on others. Australia and the origins
of the Pacific Islands Forum argues that this was part of a process
by which relationships formerly influenced by colonial forces came to
be characterised by the interests of sovereign states.

The publication is the first in a new series of short historical narratives
entitled Australia in the World: the foreign affairs
and trade files
The aim of the series is to provide Australians with readable and well-researched
stories from our foreign and trade history. The series will cover not
only 'high policy', but also little-known aspects of the department's
past work such as consular operations and secure communications. The department
aims to produce at least two monographs in this new series each year.

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Download an extract of the publication containing the table of contents, the foreword, preface and introduction (PDF - 875 KB)

Last Updated: 24 September 2014
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