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Joint Review Report: Mama Graon—Vanuatu Land Program


A 2013 review of the Vanuatu Land Program, which was commissioned by Australia and New Zealand.


Australia is assisting Vanuatu in the land sector so that all ni-Vanuatu people benefit from the equitable and sustainable development of their land, while securing their heritage for future generations. The Vanuatu Land Program supports the implementation of Vanuatu's Land Sector Framework 2009-2018, which came out of Vanuatu's first National Land Summit in September 2006. The program aims to improve decision-making about land, make land dealings more transparent, improve land management practices, and minimise the potential for land-related conflict. Between 2011 and 2013 the Mama Graon Vanuatu Land Program, as it was then known, supported a wide range of activities covering both customary and formal aspects of land administration. This report documents the findings and recommendations of the Joint Review of the Program, commissioned by the Governments of Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand in 2012 and completed in early 2013.

Joint Review Report: Mama Graon–Vanuatu Land Program (PDF 746kb)
Joint Review Report: Mama Graon–Vanuatu Land Program (Word 789kb)

Last Updated: 22 April 2014
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