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Portfolio budget statements

Australia's International Development Assistance Program Budget 2013–14

Budget 2013–14

Australia is improving the lives of millions of people in developing countries through our aid program. The Australian Government is committed to the most effective aid program possible so that we can get the best value for money and have the greatest impact.

The following describes Australia's international development assistance program budget for 2013–14.

Budget highlights

In 2013–14 the Government will focus on increased assistance to developing countries in the Asia–Pacific region, with an emphasis on accelerating progress to meet the Millennium Development Goals. We will also continue to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance through our global partners to people in crisis.

Summary of Australia's overseas aid program–Budget highlights 2013–14

Ministerial Budget Statement (Blue Book)

The 2013–14 Ministerial Budget Statement for AusAID (the 'Blue Book') was released on Tuesday 14 May 2013.
Electronic versions of the publication are available in PDF and online (HTML) formats.

Minister's media releases

Previous AusAID budgets

AusAID budgets from previous years

Portfolio budget

The portfolio budget details are available on the Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Commonwealth budget

Full Commonwealth budget details are available on the Treasury budget website.

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Last Updated: 14 May 2013
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