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Update to Tenderers on the Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer Tender Process



AusAID wishes to notify Tenderers for the Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer that the evaluation of Tender submissions is currently in progress.

Due to the large number of Tenders received by AusAID, the timeframe for the evaluation of Tenders received across each service Category has been staggered over the next few months and is being undertaken in line with Clause 1.10 and 1.11 of Part 1,
Guide to the RFT. Tenders will be evaluated against the Capability and Capacity Tender Selection Criteria for Type A Tenderers (Technical and Management Services) or Type B Tenderers (Technical Services), as appropriate.

Following the completion of the evaluation process for each Category, preferred Tenderers will be notified in writing, to execute the Deed of Standing Offer. AusAID will also publish a written debrief on its website, confirming the conclusion of the evaluation process, by Category, and reasons why some Tenders were unsuccessful (which will not identify individual Tenderers).

Please note AusAID will not be answering questions regarding timeframes for the evaluation process or questions related to a specific Tender or Tenderer.

Last Updated: 20 July 2012
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