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Project Childhood Prevention Pillar - Questions from Interested Organisations



Project Coordination:
Can you let us know if the $87,500 is to cover all the quarterly cross country meetings as well as the annual meetings during this 3.5 year project? (venues, travel and accommodation etc)

The $87,500 attributed to Project Childhood Coordinating Committee in the Project budget is to cover the Annual Project Childhood Coordinating Committee Meetings only (not quarterly meetings). The quarterly meetings are to be held in Bangkok and will involve the Program Manager and Technical Director representing the Prevention Pillar. Accordingly, if the central project office is based in Bangkok there should be no costs for travel, accommodation and venues.

The annual meeting – do you have a position on who would participate/ a rep from each country of just the PM and TD for example? And do we assume the location would be Bangkok? All important to budget allocation calculations.

We anticipate that representatives from each partner government (funded by the Project), AusAID, the Australian Federal Police and staff of the Protection and Prevention Pillars will attend. The costs of these meetings will be co-shared between the Protection and Prevention Pillars. The location of these meetings will be in Bangkok (however, consideration may be given to rotational hosting in project countries).

You mention one Admin/Finance officer – is it assumed this person would be based in BKK with the PM? And if so, how are we to handle financial management at country level in the other three participating countries and also in Melbournewhere we would be centrally holding the grant if successful? What is being envisaged about how all this can function?

It is envisaged that there will be only one Administration/Finance officer based in Bangkok. The National Project Officers will be responsible for supporting the work of the Admin/Finance Officer based in Bangkok. How financial management is undertaken for organisations which are headquartered outside project countries is a matter for the organisation to consider.

Equipment and project travel
I am assuming computers/ printers etc will be needed for these newly hired staff who are dedicated to this project. Where in the budget are we to charge these items to please?

Administration costs are to cover these expenses.

I assume project travel will be built into each of the components.

Correct, project travel is built into each of the components.

There is mention of hiring an M&E Adviser in 7.5. Is this person for short-term input only and to be funded out of the short-term adviser budget or is there a central plan for this position?

The Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor is intended as a short term input under the short-term adviser budget line item.

For good project management the National POs should all be undertaking routine M&E - again how is this costed in this budget plan?

We envisage monitoring and evaluation being undertaken at the same time as activities under each component to minimise costs involved. Costs for additional M&E by National Project Officers should be attributed to the M&E line item in the budget.

The National Pos will need the support of the host country office to function effectively – space, utilities, support services, supervision by a Program Director/ Section Director, finance team processing in-country funds etc – where is it envisaged we should be charging these costs in this budget structure?

Costs for offices are to be attributed to the Management Fee in the project Budget.

Finally, I am confused about the budget figures – the total is shown as $3,000,000 but unless I am mistaken (entirely possible) the items detailed within the budget framework add up to $2,885,881 – are we at liberty to utilise the balance at our own discretion to further the delivery of the project goal?

The budget adds up to $3,000,000.

May I ask if the four participating countries each needs to work on all components of the project? Or is it sufficient that the components are covered by a combination of the four countries?

It is expected that all components be delivered in all countries.

Last Updated: 1 October 2014
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