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Fair Work Principles



The Fair Work Principles seek to ensure that Commonwealth procurement decisions are consistent with the Fair Work Act 2009. The Fair Work Principles require Commonwealth Entities to obtain information from Tenderers about their compliance with their obligations
to ensure fair, cooperative and productive workplaces, and preclude Commonwealth Entities from contracting with suppliers in defined circumstances.

Australia's aid program procurements are exempt from the provisions in the Fair Work Principles. However, the exemption does not preclude AusAID from adopting better practice principles and procedures. AusAID has therefore elected to apply the Fair Work
Principles to all procurements above the following thresholds:

  • A$80,0000 for purchasing goods and services for AusAID's own use (non-construction);
  • A$500,000 for Australia's aid program procurements (non-construction);
  • A$9 million for construction procurements.
Last Updated: 1 October 2014
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