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DFAT’s new Fraud Control Toolkit

DFAT is pleased to present the new Fraud Control Toolkit for Funding Recipients which sets out funding recipient obligations relating to the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud on DFAT programs. The DFAT Fraud Control Toolkit video provides a high level summary of the toolkit. DFAT would like to thank the broad range of funding recipients that contributed to the development of this important toolkit.

DFAT works with its funding recipients in many challenging environments where fraud and corruption are significant risk factors. It is therefore critical that funding recipients have appropriate mechanisms in place to proactively manage fraud risk. This ensures that DFAT programs are delivered effectively and confidence is maintained in your organisation and in DFAT. The toolkit, which will be updated as new fraud risks emerge, has been developed to help funding recipients to manage these risks.

Please encourage your staff and downstream contractors to apply this toolkit in their day to day work and to provide feedback to

Video: DFAT Fraud Toolkit

Last Updated: 4 September 2018
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