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Australia’s commitment to countering human trafficking in ASEAN update

Update on Design of Future Investment – September 2017

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Australia's Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Amanda Gorely (third from left), launches AAPTIP-sponsored training with the Hon. Chief Justice Lourdes P.A. Sereno of the Philippines, June 2016

Investment Design – the process to date

The Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking In Persons (AAPTIP), Australia's flagship counter-trafficking program, is set to conclude in 2018. DFAT is designing a new counter-trafficking investment to follow AAPTIP.

The design team has undertaken consultations with officials from criminal justice and related agencies from each of the ten ASEAN Member States; representatives of non-government & international organisations; representatives of the private sector; and experts in human trafficking and exploitation in Australia and South East Asia.

Current design approach: scope of the proposed investment

It is proposed that the new investment will:

  • directly align its support with the commitments made by ASEAN Member States under the ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP), with a particular focus on strengthening the criminal justice response to human trafficking in ASEAN;
  • Set as a central objective of the program supporting criminal justice agencies to meet their obligations to protect the rights of victims of trafficking crime; and
  • partner with officials and agencies integral to the criminal justice response (including police, prosecutors, judges and other justice officials) as well as other stakeholders who can influence the criminal justice response (such as labour ministries, civil society, businesses and others with interests in improving criminal justice responses to trafficking)

The program will work through ASEAN sectoral bodies and with all ASEAN Member States.

The value and period of the investment are to be determined, but will reflect Australia's ongoing commitment to countering trafficking the region.

Where to from here

Following the completion of consultations, a draft Investment Design Document will be prepared and submitted for both independent appraisal and internal DFAT review. The Investment Design Document will be revised in light of this feedback before submission to the DFAT delegate for consideration.

Pending approval of the design, it is expected that a procurement process will commence in 2018.

This design project is managed out of the ASEAN Mission in the Australian Embassy, Bangkok, who can be contacted at

Last Updated: 11 September 2017
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