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ANGAU Project Delivery Office (PNG): Seeking industry feedback and comments

Under the Joint Understanding between Australia and Papua New Guinea on further bilateral cooperation on health, education and law and order (JU), Australia has committed to co-fund the redevelopment of the ANGAU Memorial Hospital (ANGAU) with the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG). The Government of Australia will invest up to A$207 million to revitalise infrastructure at ANGAU Hospital in Papua New Guinea. The GoPNG has committed to co-financing 50 per cent of the capital infrastructure costs as well as the recurrent costs of the expanded facility.

Following a comprehensive planning process, a Master Plan for the redevelopment of ANGAU was completed in June 2015. The Master Plan sets out a staged approach to the redevelopment of ANGAU to align with the future needs of the provincial health care system. This will require the progressive redevelopment of existing health services infrastructure at ANGAU, including the demolition of existing structures; refurbishment of extant buildings; construction of new facilities; installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment; and the operational and clinical commissioning of the revitalised facilities. It will also be essential that ANGAU retain the ability to provide the full range of health care and ancillary services during the period of the redevelopment.

To support the redevelopment of ANGAU, the Australian High Commission (AHC) requires the services of an experienced managing contractor with a proven track record in successfully delivering health infrastructure to establish and manage a Project Delivery Office (PDO). The PDO will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the ANGAU redevelopment, including acting as AHC's agent and partner in the procurement and management of design and construction services with an estimated value of up to A$300 million. The PDO will require specialist knowledge of health infrastructure and the ability to oversee delivery of a complex project in a challenging environment. The PDO will need to be flexible and scalable to adjust to emerging priorities including the likelihood of adjustments to scope, timeframes and budget envelope during the course of the project.

DFAT has now prepared draft documentation further detailing the proposed scope of work and pricing schedule for the PDO for initial consultations with industry. AHC seeks advice from industry to inform the finalisation of these draft documents prior to a planned approach to market during Quarter 2 of 2016.

The purpose of the consultation process is to provide industry with an opportunity to provide feedback on the approach to the redevelopment and to maximise value for money. Whilst feedback may focus on any aspect of the documentation, AHC is particularly interested in industry's comments on the following areas:

  1. the proposed Statement of Requirements including the governance arrangements, scope of work, deliverables, performance targets, potential risks or any other relevant aspects;
  2. proposals to ensure the Pricing Schedule is commercially viable whilst maximising value for money and incentivizing strong performance; and
  3. the Draft Contract conditions including their suitability and how they might be adjusted to optimise the allocation of risks and liabilities and ensure a non adversarial commercial relationship between AHC and the preferred supplier.

Responses from industry will be kept in strict confidence. AHC will consider responses provided by industry in the preparation of final documentation for the PDO. Any adjustments to the draft documentation as a result of feedback from industry will be made at AHC's sole discretion. While AHC may communicate with industry to clarify responses, AHC will not reply to inquiries on the documentation at this stage.


Questions or comments

All questions or comments should be directed to

Final date for questions or comments is Monday, 1 February 2016

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Last Updated: 11 December 2015
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