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Aid Advisory Services (AAS) Standing Offer Panel—Draft Scope of Services



Further to News Items dated 28 September 2011 and 12 January 2012, in preparation for the upcoming release of the Request for Tender for the Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer Panel, AusAID would like to notify interested tenderers of the types of services which will be required under the Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer. Interested tenderers should note that this is a draft document and it is anticipated that it will be subject to change prior to the release of the Request for Tender ('RFT') documentation.

This draft document should be used as a guide only and should not be used to develop tender responses in place of the formal Request for Tender documentation that will be released on the AusTender website. Therefore, AusAID advises that potential tenderers should not rely upon this information in preparing any response to the RFT, and should await the formal release of the RFT before preparing responses to the RFT.

Interested tenderers are advised to continue to monitor AusTender during this period for tender release details.

If you have any queries in relation to this procurement process, please direct all queries to the Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer team. Please note however that the AAS Standing Offer team will not be answering questions regarding the Draft Scope of Services. All questions relating to the scope of services will be addressed after the official Request for Tender documentation has been released.

Last Updated: 1 October 2014
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