Output 2.1: Public Information

Provision of public information on the development, implementation and regulation of weapons of mass destruction in non-proliferation regimes, and Australia's role in these activities.

Performance Measures

  • Effective public education and outreach.

Performance Assessment

ASNO works to ensure Australia's WMD non-proliferation objectives are understood in the public, private, non-government and academic sectors, through presentations, training and other outreach activities.

For example, during 2019–20 ASNO has attended peak industry forums, conducted on-site outreach visits, and given lectures and presentations in academic and other fora. ASNO delivered modules on safeguards for the course Nuclear Science and Its Application at the Australian National University (ANU) and the online Master of Nuclear Engineering course Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

ASNO also supported public information and outreach activities through attendance and discussions held at the Minerals Council of Australia.

In March 2020, Director General ASNO contributed to a panel discussion at the 2019 International Youth Nuclear Congress on emerging threats to nuclear security.

During 2015–18, ASNO established a number of new template permits and compliance codes for ASNO's current permit and authority holders. In the interests of informing future potential permit holders and the general public on regulatory requirements, ASNO have made template permits and compliance codes publicly available online.30

30 Template Permits and Compliance Codes, ASNO, DFAT.