World Map Overview


  • 2,948Total

New Zealand + South Pacific

  • 154A-based
  • 410LES

Southeast Asia

  • 212A-based
  • 729LES

North Asia

  • 107A-based
  • 241LES

South Asia

  • 80A-based
  • 227LES

Middle East + Africa

  • 116A-based
  • 284LES


  • 77A-based
  • 199LES


  • 100A-based
  • 278LES


  • 42A-based
  • 60LES
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Who We Are

6,264 Total DFAT Staff

2,948 Total Staff in Australia

2,615 Staff in
Canberra offices

333 Staff in state and
territory offices

3,316 Total Staff overseas

2,428 Locally engaged
staff overseas (LES)

888 Australian staff
posted overseas (A-based)

What We Do


1,961,666 Passports issued
in 2015–16

15,740 The department provided consular assistance to 15,740 Australians in difficulty overseas in 2015–16

Help In

$35 million Australian humanitarian assistance provided in response to Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji

$258.2 million Australian humanitarian assistance to crises in Syria and Iraq since 2011

Promote Trade
And Investment

68 per cent Australia’s total trade with countries covered by concluded free trade agreements

38 per cent of Australia’s total trade With China, Japan and Korea


10,000 New Colombo Plan students funded to study in the Indo–Pacific from 2014 to 2016

1,345 AVID volunteers in 29 countries in 2015–16

Reduce Poverty And Promote Growth

over US$58 million Increasing agriculture and fisheries production in developing countries in our region by over US$58 million

Increased gender equality in the aid program, assisted by the new Gender Equality Fund ($50 million)


49,800 Twitter followers
10.7% increase on last year

244 Grants to foundations, councils and institutes for public diplomacy activities

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