The department’s management agenda focused on strengthening our core capabilities to deliver efficiently on the Government’s priorities. The Secretary launched the Women in Leadership Strategy to enhance the diversity and capability of our senior executive service through inclusive leadership, flexible work arrangements and gender targets. The decision to establish a Diplomatic Academy and the department’s first Workforce Planning Framework advanced our objective of building future workforce capability.

Overseas, the department implemented the largest expansion of Australia’s diplomatic network in 40 years. We opened new posts in Ulaanbaatar, Makassar and Phuket and made substantial progress towards a new post in Doha. These new posts trialled innovative operating models to streamline service delivery and reduce overhead costs. We completed a global review of locally engaged staff conditions and salaries to ensure equity and sustainability for our overseas staffing.



Chair, Secretary Peter Varghese AO (3rd right, front), External Member, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick AO (centre) and Deputy Secretary Gary Quinlan AO (left) with members of the Women in Leadership Steering Group, Canberra, 21 March 2016. [DFAT/Linda Roche]

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