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  Annual Report 1998-99


Scope of the Annual Report

Letter to the Minister

Twenty-Five Years of Safeguarding Australia’s Nuclear Interests

ASNO Outcomes and Outputs


Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office 1998–99

Safeguards Role
CWC Role

The Year in Review

Outlook: The Year Ahead

Resources Overview: Corporate Management

Organisation of ASNO
Uranium Producers Charge

Program Activities

Output A - NPT and CPPNM Implementation
Output B - Bilateral Nuclear Safeguards
Output C - International Safeguards Development
Output D - CWC Implementation
Output E - CTBT Implementation
Output F - Strengthening Non-Proliferation Regimes
Output G - Advice to Government
Output H - Public Information

Current Topics

Plutonium Recycling: The Use of ‘MOX’ Fuel
Safeguards Reform - A Decade On
The Proposed Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty
A World First in Australia: The IAEA carries out Verification Activities at Ranger Mine
The Nuclear Industry - Some Current Issues

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
The International Monitoring System
Developments Towards a BWC Verification Protocol


Brief Outline of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
IAEA Safeguards - An Overview
IAEA Safeguards Statement for 1998
Australian Uranium Exports

Reporting Requirements

Freedom of Information

Categories of Documents Held by ASNO


Annex A. Nuclear Material within Australia at 30 June 1999
Annex B. Associated Items within Australia at 30 June 1999
Annex C. Australian Obligated Nuclear Material Overseas at 31 December 1998
Annex D. Australian Nuclear Accounting Reports to the IAEA
Annex E. IAEA Statements of Conclusions of Inspections in Australia
Annex F. IAEA Safeguards Statistics
Annex G. Australian Safeguards Assistance Program
Annex H. Development of Australian IMS Stations at 30 June 1999
Annex I.  ASNO Publications and Presentations

Glossary of Abbreviations, Acronyms and Definitions

List of Figures

Figure 1. Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office - Operating Environment
Figure 2. ASNO Organisational Chart
Figure 3. The CTBT International Monitoring System (IMS)
Figure 4. IMS Facilities in Australia
Figure 5. Civil Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Outline

List of Tables

Table 1. Details of the ASNO Budget and Expenditure for the Reporting Period 1998–99
Table 2. Categories of Staff at 30 June 1999
Table 3. Status of Safeguards Permits and Authorities in Australia
Table 4. Material Balance Areas in Australia
Table 5. Permits for CWC Scheduled Chemical Facilities held at 30 June 1999
Table 6. Comparison of Materials in Civil and Military Nuclear Fuel Cycles
Table 7. World Nuclear Electricity Generation at 31 December 1998
Table 8. Countries to which Australian Uranium was supplied in 1998
Table 9. Australia’s Bilateral Safeguards Agreements and their Date of Entry into Force
Table 10. Checklist of Reporting Requirements

General enquiries relating to ASNO functions, activities or responsibilities should be directed to the Director General, Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office.

The R.G. Casey Building
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Telephone: +61 2 6261 1920
Facsimile: +61 2 6261 1908

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Cover: The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) monitoring station at Warramunga in the Northern Territory is a critical element of the CTBT’s International Monitoring System. The photo features the central processing facility, a satellite dish and newly installed 27-metre telemetry mast.
(Photograph courtesy of the Australian National University).


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