The United Nations

Australia is a principled and pragmatic member of the United Nations, contributing to its vital security, environmental and humanitarian endeavours.

The United Nations and its specialised agencies deliver a wide range of essential services around the world, often in remote and dangerous locations. These include peacekeeping in 14 different locations across three continents, mediating disputes, vaccinating children, fighting pandemics, promoting nuclear safeguards, supporting education systems and providing food and other assistance in humanitarian crises.

As the world’s peak body for responding to threats to international peace and security, the United Nations Security Council helps support Australian interests. We are seeking election to the Council as a non-permanent member in 2029–2030 because we believe elected members can enhance its effectiveness, as Australia did when we were on the Council in 2013–2014. This complements the other contributions Australia makes to the vital work of the United Nations, including through our assessed contributions, financial support for peacekeeping and our development assistance program.

The Government recognises that many multilateral institutions have clear limitations. The United Nations system is frequently cumbersome and sometimes responds too slowly to urgent challenges. Our approach seeks to reinforce the strength, accountability and effectiveness of international institutions.

We will encourage the United Nations and its agencies to better coordinate activities, reform their corporate governance and work more closely with the private sector, including by tapping into private funding. We will continue to support the current Secretary-General's efforts to reform and strengthen UN peacekeeping, peacebuilding and development systems. We particularly encourage a more coordinated focus on conflict prevention, rather than waiting for crises to develop.