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All states participating in the Australia Group are parties to the Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC) and the Biological Weapon Convention (BWC).

Country Date
Argentina 1993
Australia 1985
Austria 1989
Belgium 1985
Bulgaria 2001
Canada 1985
Croatia 2007
Czech Republic 1994
Denmark 1985
Estonia 2004
European Union 1985
Finland 1991
France 1985
Germany 1985
Greece 1985
Hungary 1993
Iceland 1993
India 2018
Ireland 1985
Italy 1985
Japan 1985
Latvia 2004
Country Date
Lithuania 2004
Luxembourg 1985
Malta 2004
Mexico 2013
Netherlands 1985
New Zealand 1985
Norway 1986
Poland 1994
Portugal 1985
Republic of Cyprus 2000
Republic of Korea 1996
Republic of Türkiye 2000
Romania 1995
Slovak Republic 1994
Slovenia 2004
Spain 1985
Sweden 1991
Switzerland 1987
Ukraine 2005
United Kingdom 1985
United States 1985


The Australia Group (AG) encourages all countries to adhere to the AG Guidelines and Control Lists.

AG Adherents notify the AG Chair in writing of their political commitment to adhere to the AG Guidelines and Common Control Lists and any subsequent changes. This adherence is unilateral by the non-member country and not subject to any acceptance decision by the AG membership.

AG Adherents join the growing number of countries using the AG Guidelines and Control Lists as the benchmark for global best practice chemical and biological export controls, to regulate the export, re-export, transfer and re-transfer of defence or dual-use items which can be used by proliferators and terrorists in the development of chemical and biological weapons.

The following countries are AG Adherents:

Country Date
Kazakhstan 2015