Australia continues to support the EAS as the region’s premier political and security forum. It has the right membership (including China, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, the United States and ASEAN countries), and it has the right mandate. Leaders drive its agenda.

In recent years, EAS leaders have paid increased attention to security issues such as counter-proliferation, counterterrorism and maritime security, a trend Australia will seek to reinforce. We aim to bolster the strategic role of the EAS so that it can positively influence the region’s rules and norms. Through the EAS and other forums such as APEC, ADMM Plus and the ASEAN Regional Forum, Australia pursues a regional agenda that:

  • promotes cooperation on strategic, political and economic issues, including extensive engagement between leaders
  • reinforces international law
  • encourages full and active engagement by the United States in regional affairs, and
  • ensures that all regional countries, large and small, have a voice on regional issues.