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Services Export Action Plan

As outlined in the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper, the Government wants to help boost the competitiveness of the Australian economy, and specifically to boost services exports beyond education and tourism to increase productivity, jobs and economic growth. DFAT and Austrade have been working together with industry to develop a Services Export Action Plan.

Industry recommendations

Representatives from the services sector have detailed their recommendations from the first tranche of consultation to Government in the first iteration of Industry's Recommendations – an Action Plan to Boost Australian Services Exports.

Government response

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment has considered this first wave of recommendations, and DFAT and Austrade are working with industry and other parts of Government to prioritise the issues we can work on together. This first iteration of the Government Response to Industry's Action Plan to Boost Australian Services Exports will be built on as subsequent consultative processes continue to deliver insights into impediments.

Next steps

Continued engagement and partnership with business will be the cornerstone of an ongoing strategy to boost Australia's services exports. We will continue to co-design with industry practical actions that provide more opportunities for exporters to grow their businesses, boost our economy and create more jobs.

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Last Updated: 27 November 2019
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