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Trade Talk 8 August 2013

8 August 2013

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Australia grants approval for import of select US fruits

Australia has approved new measures that allow the import of peaches, nectarines and grapes from some US states. The measures are based on scientific decisions that the fruits can be safely traded.

US Trade Representative Media Release: Australia approves select US fruit exports

Australian exporters in the post GFC world

Tim Harcourt writes that the top 20 destinations for Australia's 44,000 exporting companies have remained relatively stable since the GFC with New Zealand (16,449 Australian firms exporting), United States (8797), Singapore (6226) and China (5493) attracting the largest number of Australian exporters.

Tim Harcourt Blog Post: The Power of Proximity – Australian exporters in the Asian Century

Colombo port to boost intra-regional trade

Colombo, Sri Lanka, has unveiled its newly expanded port. The improvements to the port are designed to boost intra-regional trade and allow Sri Lanka to become a South Asian trans-shipment hub. The ADB claims the port can now accept the latest container ships and can process goods more efficiently.

ADB Media Release: Newly Expanded Colombo Port To Make Sri Lanka Into Competitive Shipping Hub

EU and China come to amicable solution over solar panels

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the EU Trade Commissioner have come to an agreement in a dispute over the alleged dumping of Chinese solar panels in the EU. The price undertaking will see certain Chinese exporters respect minimum import prices rather than face anti-dumping duties.

Business Spectator Article: Amicable solution in the EU-China solar panels case

GVC integration important for productivity growth in emerging economies

Integration into regional and global value chains is associated with higher productivity levels in emerging economies according to the OECD. The OECD's latest trade policy paper argues that various forms of trade integration strongly support productivity growth across emerging economies.

OECD Trade Policy Paper: Assessing the Trade-Related Sources of Productivity Growth in Emerging Economies

Did you know?

Iron awe… In 2011, Australia's export of iron ore accounted for over 40% of total world iron ore exports, making Australia the world's largest exporter of the metal. Brazil took out the second spot with 30% of the world's exports while India rounded out the top 3 with 6%.

Visit the DFAT trade portal for more on Australian trade, including FTA updates and the latest trade statistics.

Last Updated: 8 August 2013
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