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Trade Talk 6 February 2014

Trade Articles sourced from non-Australian Government sources do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government.

6 February 2014

New Zealand Prime Minister leads delegation to Australia

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, members of his Cabinet and a business delegation are visiting Australia until February 8. Prime Minister Tony Abbott will meet with Mr Key to discuss economic opportunities. As this year's G20 host, Australia has invited NZ to participate in the G20 during 2014.

PM Media Release: Visit by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

Australia's G20 Sherpa shares views with think tanks in Europe

Australia's G20 Sherpa, Heather Smith, visited Europe last week as part of Australia's G20 outreach efforts in 2014. Dr Smith met representatives from a number of think tanks and spoke at events, explaining Australia's approach to the G20 and highlighting the need for strong international collaboration.

G20 News Item: Australia's G20 Sherpa shares views with think tanks in Europe

G20 Info-graphic: G20 Member Map 2014

APEC wine trade growing as trade barriers are eliminated

Consumers across APEC are demanding an increased quality and quantity of wine, with the value of the APEC wine trade tripling from 2000 to 2012. The APEC Wine Regulatory Forum was formed in 2008 to reduce the cost of the APEC cross-border wine trade.

APEC News Item: Streamlining Regulations Boosts Wine Trade

WTO starts implementing decisions made at 2013 Bali Ministerial

The WTO's Agriculture Committee has begun working on three decisions made at the 2013 Bali Ministerial Conference. The committee's task is to oversee how these decisions are being implemented as well as to undertake other work set out in the decisions.

WTO News Item: Members start implementing Bali farm package, as concerns remain about subsidy breaches

IDC report: Global smartphone shipments top 1 billion units in 2013

The global smartphone market surpassed 1 billion units shipped in a single year for the first time in 2013, doubling in volume since 2011. Some of the drivers of smartphone growth are large-screens and low cost, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) Program Director, Ryan Reith.

IDC Report: Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Top One Billion Units for the First Time, According to IDC

EU and Japanese officials meet for fourth round of FTA talks

Trade in goods, technical barriers to trade and non-tariff measures were among the items on the agenda when EU and Japanese officials met last week to progress FTA talks. An agreement is predicted to boost EU exports to Japan by 32.7%, while Japanese exports to the EU are predicted to increase by 23.5%.

EU Press Release: EU-Japan Trade Talks Continue

Did you know?

The cork pops on Australian wine exports … In 2012 Australia exported over 734 million litres of wine, an eight-fold increase on the 88 million litres of wine Australia exported in 1992.

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Last Updated: 6 February 2014
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