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Trade Talk, 20 March 2015

20 March 2015

Gold Coast rolls out the red carpet for new FTAs

Parliamentary Secretary Ciobo led a panel of experts promoting the benefits of the Korea, Japan and China free trade agreements on the Gold Coast. The agreements will make Australian business more competitive in these markets and lower costs of imports for Australian consumers.

YouTube: Trade agreement

Australia' Services trade continues to rise

A new DFAT publication shows Australia's services trade increased 5.9% to $128 billion in 2013-14. "China continues to be the leading export market for Australian services," said Trade Minister Robb, "and will increase as businesses capitalise on opportunities created throughout Asia by the recent FTAs."

TIM Media Release:Services exports to Asia on the risen
DFAT Publication: Trade in Services Australia 2013-14

US, Australia's largest two-way services trading partner

A new DFAT article shows the United States is Australia's most important two-way services trading partner, representing 15% of Australia's total services trade. The article reveals that 70% of Australia's services provided to the US are delivered by affiliates of the Australian companies in the US.

DFAT article: Australia's trade in services with the United States

Australia exports best practice strategies to help make India's roads safer

VicRoads is exporting its best practice road strategies globally, including across India, where road accidents cost 150,000 lives each year. In the World Bank-funded US$1.1 million Karnataka project, VicRoads is identifying practical and affordable solutions for the state of Karnataka's road safety challenges.

Austrade: Exporting best practice road solutions to India

Australian export partnership bolsters Pakistan's dairy industry

Australian Rural Exports has partnered with DairyCare Pakistan to improve Pakistan's milk supply. Through the partnership, milk yield has increased from 3-4 litres to 18-20 litres per day, illustrating the opportunities for Australian agri-tech companies in the Pakistani economy's largest sector (agriculture).

Austrade: Austrex helps to build Pakistan's dairy industry

Destination Australia: Sir David Attenborough returns to the Great Barrier Reef

At the Destination Australia Conference, Tourism Australia announced Sir David Attenborough's return to the Reef in a push to promote Australia's aquatic and coastal experiences. The Great Barrier Reef attracts over 1.9 million visitors each year.

Tourism Australia: David Attenborough returns to film the Great Barrier Reef
TIM Media Release: Tourism can be Australia's fastest growing sector this decade

New Aussie app to help decode country-of-origin in the supermarket

New barcodes devised by the WA Farmers Federation will provide country-of-origin information for supermarket produce, such as beef, lamb, dairy and baked goods via a smart phone app. It is hoped that the barcodes will shine a light on the high quality of Australian products.

ABC News: New barcode app to reveal country-of-origin of supermarket produce

Do investor-state dispute settlement provisions encourage FDI?

This article examines the effect of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in international treaties on foreign direct investment (FDI). The author concludes that, while not perfect, the evidence suggests that packages of investment protections, of which ISDS provisions are key, do encourage FDI.

PIIE Blog: What do the data say about the relationship between Investor-State Dispute Settlement Provisions and FDI?

Did you know?

Australia imported $210 million of goods from Pakistan in 2013-14. Top imports from Pakistan include textiles, clothing, rice and woven cotton fabrics.

Last Updated: 20 March 2015
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