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Trade Talk, 2 April 2015

Tariffs on Australian exports to Japan cut for the second time this year

Businesses are invited to register for the next Free Trade Agreement (FTA) seminars in Frankston, Vic and Queanbeyan, NSW in early April. The seminars will highlight how Australian businesses can take advantage of the North Asia FTAs. Future seminars will be held in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia.

Formidable challenges as we work to accommodate Asia's growth

Last year Australia hosted around 400,000 international students. But the potential exists for Australia to teach up to 10 million students across the Asia-Pacific within 10 years according to Minister Robb. Foreign students contributed an unprecedented $16.6 billion last year making education our fourth-biggest export.

"A once-in-a-generation game changer" for the Australian dairy industry

Dairy experts say the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) Australia has struck with China and Korea are game changers for Australian dairy. The FTAs put Australian industry on a more competitive footing with New Zealand's dairy sector, which saw a 9-fold increase in exports to China following the 2008 China-NZ FTA.

New poll confirms preference for Australia by Chinese investors

Chinese business leaders overwhelmingly approve of Australia and see it as a top choice for investment, according to a new survey. The survey, commissioned by the Australia-China Relations institute, found Australia was the most attractive destination for investment when compared to seven other countries.

Australia to become largest coal exporter by 2017

Australia will resume its position as the world's largest coal exporter by volume, taking the title back from Indonesia by 2017 according to the Department of Industry. Queensland has been leading the export push, with a series of record coal exports. Globally, metallurgical coal trade is set to increase by 2.3% this year.

Talking tourism and trade in Tasmania

Tourism and trade in Tasmania will dominate discussions during a two-day visit to the state by Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb. During the visit Minister Robb will talk to local exporters about opportunities that have been created by the Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Japan and China.

Australian technology makes a splash in low-income communities

SkyJuice is an organisation using Australian water-filtration technology to provide world-class, safe, potable water to remote, low-income communities for as little as 20 cents per person. The technology was developed by SkyJuice founder, Rhett Butler, and has been exported to over 53 countries worldwide.

Australia matters for the United States

This paper examines the Australia-US relationship. In trade and investment it shows that over 300,000 US jobs are supported by exports to Australia, and that two-way goods trade has grown 65% in US$ terms (21% in A$ terms) since the implementation of the Australia-US FTA.

IMF report: 'trade integral for increasing global growth'

As the world economy recovers, trade should be seen as an integral part of increasing global growth, says a new IMF report. A revival of trade growth, which has been slowing in recent years, has the potential to spur growth in the global economy, according to the report.

Positioning on the Global Value Chain map: Where do you want to be?

Modern trade has shifted from final goods crossing national borders to more complex trade in inputs, known as Global Value Chains (GVCs). This paper examines the policy measures countries can pursue to take advantage of GVCs.

Did you know?

Australia's largest goods import from the US is aircraft, while our largest goods export to the US is beef.

Last Updated: 2 April 2015
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