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Trade Talk, 11 December 2014

Trade Talk brings you a selection of the latest trade news from Australia and the world.

11 December 2014

Resource and manufacturing exports strengthen

New ABS data shows growth in resource and manufacturing exports led to a sharp narrowing in the trade deficit for October. Resources exports rose 3.4% in October, contributing to a 40.8% narrowing of the trade deficit from September to $1.3 billion. Exports to China were down 5.3% to $8.5 billion.

TIM Media Release: Australia's resource exports strengthen

India hosts the sixth round of RCEP negotiations

India hosted the sixth round Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations from 1-5 December. Around 550 officials from ASEAN, Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and New Zealand met to progress negotiations on chapter text and market access.

DFAT: Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations

Ninth Round of Trade in Services Agreement negotiations in Geneva

Over 200 negotiators and experts attended the ninth Round of Trade in Services Agreement negotiations chaired by Australia in Geneva last week (1-5 December). Parties made good progress across the 17 chapters under negotiation.

DFAT: Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

Korea – Australia Free Trade Agreement to enter into force tomorrow

On December 12, the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement will enter into force. Tariffs will be eliminated immediately on 84% of Korea's imports (by value) from Australia. On full implementation, 99.8% of Australian goods exports will enter Korea duty free. Korea is Australia's third-largest export market.

DFAT Media Release: Trade agreement strengthens regional ties

Revised code to help Australia remain attractive to the Chinese tourist market

Minister Robb has announced new measures to ensure Australia remains attractive to the rapidly increasing Chinese tourist market. "With Chinese tourists now our top-spending international visitors, it's important we continue providing the kinds of experiences they demand" said Minister Robb. In 2013-14, there were 761,400 Chinese visitors to Australia.

TIM Media Release: Robb committed to increasing Chinese tourist market

Austrade News: China Approved Destination Status scheme

International Anti-Corruption Day

December 9 was International Anti-Corruption Day. Foreign bribery results in inefficient allocation of resources and economic distortions. The Attorney-General's Department has led the development of an online learning module on foreign bribery that includes steps business can take to help promote compliance.

AG News: Foreign bribery

Foreign bribery

OECD report exposes scale of international bribery

An OECD report on international bribery suggests most bribes are paid by large companies, usually with the knowledge of senior management in advanced economies. Almost two-thirds of cases occur in just four sectors; extractive, construction, transport and storage, and information and communication.

OECD News: Scale of international bribery laid bare by new OECD report

OECD Report: OECD Foreign Bribery Report

Continued accumulation of trade-restrictive measures pose a risk says Azevêdo

"Trade restrictions introduced by WTO members since 2008 continue to rise" said WTO DG Azevêdo discussing his report, 'Developments in the International Trading Environment'. "In a climate of economic uncertainty, the accumulation of trade-restrictive measures poses a clear risk".

WTO News: Azevêdo says rise in trade restrictions "cause for concern"

Australian chocolate company expands to India

The world's most popular indulgence, chocolate, has become booming business for one Australian firm in India. The Chocolate Room is expanding rapidly in India as demand for chocolate there increases. The company has a presence in 10 countries worldwide.

Austrade Export Report: The Chocolate Room: Meeting India's Hunger For Chocolate

Did you know?

Australia exported over $210 million in chocolate products in 2013-14. The countries with the largest sweet tooth for Australian chocolate were New Zealand, Japan and Singapore.

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