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Infographic: Australia-EU trade takes centre stage

Infographic: Australia-EU trade takes centre stage. See text description below.
  • Did you know the UK is Australia's second largest source of foreign investment and our 7th largest trading partner? Although this is Australia's first time competing in Eurovision, Australians have previously competed for other countries. Both Olivia Newton John and Gina G have competed for the UK.
  • Australia imported 125 grand pianos from the EU in 2014, over a third of the value of all grand piano imports!
  • As a single market the EU is Australia's second largest trading partner – worth $83 billion and accounting for 13% of Australia's total trade
  • Did you know that over 2 million Australian residents were born in European countries?
  • Australia's top 3 exports to the EU are recreational travel, coal and education
  • Australia's top 3 imports from the EU are recreational travel, passenger motor vehicles and medicines
  • As of December 2014, the EU had investments of over $959 billion in Australia, employing over 368,000 Australians – roughly equivalent to the population of Canberra!

Last Updated: 22 May 2015
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