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Market Insights

Australia's overseas officials have broad and influential networks, which they use to gather useful insights about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in overseas markets.

Supporting economic recovery from COVID-19 and creating market expansion opportunities for Australian business is a priority for DFAT. Market Insights are designed to help Australian businesses better understand risks and opportunities, and navigate rapidly changing, international markets. Growing our exports, and creating jobs for Australians, is at the heart of the Economic and Commercial Diplomacy Agenda.

To ensure we share our views with business efficiently and effectively, DFAT posts in many of Australia's key trade and investment partners have prepared Market Insights: a product that describes commercial opportunities, economic conditions, key trends and risks. The Market Insights are designed to help business navigate export markets.

Drawn from the deep reservoirs of expertise among our diplomats and officials, these insights will provide business with a further source of analysis to help evaluate potential overseas markets.

Market Insights are a snapshot in time of market intelligence from the Government's global diplomatic network. They are updated in December. If your country of interest is not listed here, or you require an update, please email Other useful information available:

Market Insights for key partners



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