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Trade and investment stories

This collection of stories shows how Australian businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and the communities where they are based, may benefit from international trade and/or foreign direct investment.

Growing community through trade

The following stories showcase Australian local businesses who are helping their communities grow as they grow their own business through international trade. International trade creates local jobs, with one in five Australian workers or 2.2 million people employed in a trade-related activity. These jobs may be found in this story collection, from the farmer to the games-developer.

In addition to jobs, the flow on effects are noteworthy with all the businesses represented contributing to their community. All are helping to expand their local economies either through sourcing produce or materials for their supply chains; supporting local community organisations; or even through their employees living and shopping locally.

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Brookfarm case study, New South Wales

Brookfarm are passionate about celebrating Australian produce and supporting other local suppliers through their export business. The flow on effect has been significant down Brookfarm's supply chain, particularly for other rural businesses such as their sunflower kernel suppliers from Northern NSW. Brookfarm is able to source 100% of their sunflower seeds from Australia and contribute to the local economy thanks to growing demand for their products in overseas markets.

Bondi Wash, New South Wales

From humble beginnings at a store on Australia's most iconic beach, Bondi Wash's all-natural scented cleansing products are raising the profile of our fragrant native plants to customers across the world. Their expanding business brings great flow-on effects to the local community. They sell wares from local artists and source Australian ingredients wherever possible. They also support 'Enterprise Learning Projects' which works to support local Indigenous businesses.

Richmond Valley, New South Wales

Worth over $8 billion, beef is Australia's biggest agricultural export and is growing, providing exciting new opportunities for regional towns like Casino. Richmond Valley Council can see how the recent growth from beef exports has impacted the community in meaningful ways, providing long-term investment through upgraded facilities and more local jobs.

Mighty Kingdom case study, South Australia

Mighty Kingdom is trail blazing for the game development industry in Australia thanks to exceptional local talent and the help of foreign exports, making games for large brands such as Disney and Lego.

Metro Count case study, Western Australia

Fremantle based Metro Count are creating safer roads in Australia and across the world through global trade. Started in 1987, building microchips to monitor traffic conditions, Metro Count today are leaders in traffic monitoring technology. Their vehicle classifiers have cornered the market in Australia and New Zealand and are exported to 120 countries across the world.

Myriota case study, South Australia

Myriota began as a government research and development project to discover a way to provide data connection to remote communities. They now provide satellite communication at an ultra-low cost from any location on earth. This pioneering technology allows regional Australians to use data to enhance their businesses and make their lives easier in industries such as agriculture, logistics and environmental monitoring. From a handful of staff they have expanded and are cementing their place as an important provider of data connectivity.

TripADeal, New South Wales

E-commerce is making trade faster, cheaper and easier than ever before, providing great opportunities for regional communities. One such ecommerce success story is TripADeal, one of the largest suppliers of affordable 'bucket list' packages for Australian travellers. TripADeal is now one of the largest suppliers of affordable 'bucket list' packages for Australian travellers. The business has over $100 million in revenue and employs more than 100 staff. Located in Byron Bay, the expanding business provides rewarding career opportunities for locals.

Success through foreign investment

Foreign direct investment can bring success, from gaining important information know-how, to accessing new markets or to bringing home an Emmy Award for Australia's trophy cabinet. This collection of stories show how Australian businesses have used foreign investment to their advantage

Foreign investment has played a crucial role in supporting the development of Australia's economy for over a century. Australian businesses with foreign direct-investors support one in ten jobs in Australia and on average they also contribute to higher paying jobs for Australians and contribute nearly 30 per cent of our exports.

Torbreck case study, South Australia

Foreign investment has Torbreck raising the global profile of Australia's most accomplished winegrowing region. When the company was bought by an American investor, the brand took off. By promoting the region's unique selling point, they have elevated the international status of the whole Barossa Valley. Torbreck is now regarded by industry experts as some of the best wine in the world. Exporting to 47 countries has only raised their great reputation, sitting proudly on wine lists alongside French, Italian and German fine wines.

Swisse, Victoria

Swisse is making people healthier and happier through premium health supplements and positive work environments across the world. Their products are currently in ten markets across the world, including China which is the world's largest vitamin consumer. Foreign investment has given them value beyond financial support with consumer insight, and a healthy understanding of how markets operate. These meaningful cultural insights have allowed Swisse to flourish in new international markets with added benefits of shared ideas, technologies and IP.

Method Studios, Victoria

Investment from international creative companies, such as LA based Method Studios has been invaluable for providing exciting opportunities and much needed financing for Australia's creative industries. Method Melbourne (previously Iloura) has had significant success in its own right, recently winning an Emmy for their breathtaking visual effects on the popular television show 'Game of Thrones.'

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All the businesses featured here play vital role in boosting Australia's global reputation as a clean, safe and reliable source of high quality goods and services.

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